The Bradley Arms




There has always been rumours of ghostly activities at the Bradley Arms.

Doors opening, things turning themselves off etc.


Even more so in the last month, we seem to have had an appearance.


There has been two sightings of a man in a blue trench coat, sitting at the bar in the best end.


One sighting was by a passing customer, who was on his own, working on his laptop. (making the most of our free WiFi!)  he looked up to the bar and saw the man sitting. He had'nt heard any doors, or seen anyone walk by. He carried on at his laptop, and looked back up and the man had gone.


Then about a week later, a regular customer saw exactly the same man sat in the same place. On this occassion though, the man got up and walked off and disappeared before he got to any doors.


Who could this man be? There is rumour that it could be Lord Bradley. The original owner of the land surrounding, and also of the Bradley Arms. He disappeared and his body was never found. There are some parts of the cellar, which have been bricked up, and never accessed. Could this be where he lies? The walls are so thick, no-one has got through them yet.


If you know of any story about Lord Bradley, or his history, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Graham.